alibaba quick bi

alibaba quick bi

Quick BI is an intelligent business analysis suite providing online real-time data analysis for enterprises, such
as data visualization, data integration to help you in business operations.

Learn from Alibaba Cloud experts about Quick BI product information, API, purchasing guide, quickstart and

12 Jul 2018 … Quick BI is a flexible and lightweight business analytics platform built on cloud. It provides a
suite of intelligent tools to enable users to connect to mu.

3 Aug 2018 … This chapter shows how to configure Quick BI to render data from ApsaraDB for RDS. The
following information uses a MySQL database as an example. Assume th.

7342 items … Alibaba Cloud Quick BI allows you to perform business data analytics, exploration.

14 Aug 2018 … In addition to all the features detailed in Quick BI Basic, Quick BI Pro provides functions that
support organization management, permission management, email subscription, and mobile device …

3 Aug 2018 … Quick BI supports the following types of data sources: Cloud data sources: MaxCompute
MySQL SQL Server Analyt.

22 Jun 2018 … The architecture of Quick BI is shown as follows. Key components and features are as follows.
Data connection module: Supports multiple Alibaba Cloud data sources such as MaxCompute, ApsaraDB …

Alibaba Cloud (, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, is a global cloud computing company.
Alibaba Cloud … How can we pull data using custom SQL from the External database into Alibaba Quick …

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